The New Go-To Destination for Northshore Boaters Could be Coming to Slidell

SLIDELL, La. — From the beginning, the developers of Camellia Bay have called the Slidell location the best development site they have ever seen. Company CEO, Brent Stevens, was determined to create a resort that highlighted the natural beauty of Northshore life. Part of the plan was investing in a complete renovation and modernization of the location’s marina. David Rittvo, the company’s vice president of development noted, “You don’t acquire a property on Lake Pontchartrain and not invest in a marina.” The company plans to completely repair and upgrade the marina facility, which was in poor condition prior to hurricane Ida and now is nearly destroyed. 

One big benefit for local boaters will be a new convenient location to get ice, drinks, fuel and fish-bait throughout the day. The marina will also offer food and beverage service and of course, access to all the amenities of the Camellia Bay Resort.

Another advantage for the many avid fishermen that call St. Tammany home is another venue for fishing tournaments. Similar events are popular in Venice and along the Gulf Coast. With a new full service marina, Camellia Bay executives envision hosting those same contests.

After getting all your friends together for a relaxing afternoon of boating across Lake Pontchartrain, you’re not quite ready to part ways. Now you’ll finally have somewhere to head after the sun starts setting. The objective is to give the community an experience they can look forward to again and again.

It’ll be easy to dock right next to Camellia Bay, walk along the pier to have a meal at one of the seven restaurants on site or sip a craft cocktail or two by the bar. If there’s a concert happening on stage, maybe you could convince your friends to stick around a bit longer and see the band. That’s what Camellia Bay’s new refurbished marina is really about, giving St. Tammany residents the type of weekend that will keep them smiling at work next Monday. 

So much of St. Tammany’s culture is tied to life on the water and the people behind Camellia Bay want to be a part of that.