Fact or Fake News? Evaluate Research for Yourself

St. Tammany, La. — There has been a lot of facts, statistics and quotes thrown at St. Tammany Parish about the gaming industry. Sometimes it seems there’s so much information it can become deafening. There is even more confusion when you see conflicting data that leads to totally separate conclusions. Here are two key points to look for when evaluating a study regarding the gaming industry.

Does the study use data from before 2000? 

Regional gaming was still in its infancy before the year 2000. The industry had not yet modernized best practices for setting up a sustainable, community-friendly business. Therefore when looking at statistics, try and find what period those statistics are from.

What type of gaming institutions is the study using?

There is a tendency to think that all businesses that offer gaming are similar in nature. However, for example, developments like Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and a truck stop casino are categorically different from each other. There is as much variance within gaming as there is in every other industry. Technically Victoria’s Secret and Under Armor are both clothes retailers, but knowing facts about one business tells you almost nothing about the other. Camellia Bay is neither Caesar’s Palace nor a truck stop casino. It is designed to be an integrated resort-casino meant to highlight a specific destination. Therefore it should be compared to similar projects. Look for studies that compare apples to apples. 

Keep these two tips in mind the next time you encounter gaming-related research and statistics. Facts should be available to everyone, but so should the tools necessary to evaluate them.