Camellia Bay Resort to Offer Point Partner Program to Benefit Local Businesses

SLIDELL, La. — Camellia Bay’s developer, P2E, has a successful program in other communities where it operates that’s designed to encourage guests to visit local businesses and pump money into the local economy. That program, called the Point Partner Program, will be implemented in Slidell if the referendum is approved.

The program rewards frequent visitors to the casino with points that are redeemable for purchases at local businesses outside the casino resort. For instance, if a guest spends the weekend at Camellia Bay, their money spent would earn them points they could redeem at local businesses.

“This is a program by which visitors at our resort accrue points, as you would with frequent flyer miles, for example,” said David Rittvo, vice president of development. “They can then redeem these points at local businesses such as dry cleaners, florists, restaurants or even taking a swamp tour.”

At one of their other properties in New York, for example, the program put a quarter-million dollars into the local economy in 2019.

“We do this at all of our locations,” Rittvo said. “In New York in 2019, we spent about $250,000 at various businesses through the point partner program. We’ve had success with this at each of our properties.”

“It’s a free program for participants and businesses,” Rittvo said. “Through this program we have co-marketing opportunities. We’ll market a specific business in our community in the casino and on social media. Promotions are shared on our social media and promoted on the property through signage.”

It’s a win-win for local businesses — free participation and free promotion to the casino customers.

Rittvo explained the reasons behind the Point Partner Program.

“We do it for a multitude of reasons,” Rittvo said. “We do it to be a good partner to businesses within the community, and extend marketing opportunities to small businesses and customers. And, of course, it benefits our customers, too. It’s a rising tide that lifts all boats.”

Camellia Bay is being designed to highlight the charms of St. Tammany Parish. That means encouraging guests to visit the local community, engaging with the shops and industry that drive Slidell and the community beyond.

One local entrepreneur, Karen Keel of It’s Promo Time, a local Slidell retail store that offers specialty promotional products, reached out to Camellia Bay explaining how excited she was to sign up for the program. “What I really love is that it offers Camellia Bay’s guests flexibility in how they use their points. As a whole, I think it’s important local businesses are involved in this wonderful opportunity for Slidell.”