Developer Commits to Funding New Sheriff Substation for Neighborhood Patrols

SLIDELL, La. — The developers of Camellia Bay, Peninsula Pacific Entertainment (P2E), have agreed to fund the construction and staffing of a new sheriff station on the resort site as part of the Host Community Agreement. This will fund the recruitment of nearly half a dozen new deputies to the sheriff’s department. That means additional manpower for new patrols in the surrounding neighborhoods, quicker response times for emergency calls and an increase in public safety.

Providing a safe environment for Camellia Bay guests and the surrounding community is an important priority for the developers. The CEO of P2E, Brent Stevens, wants to maintain the relaxing, peaceful environment the Northshore is known for and build a location that fits seamlessly into that environment.

“We want children to celebrate their birthdays in our lazy river.” Brent said recently. “We want couples to celebrate their anniversaries in our restaurants, and we want friends to enjoy each others company at our bars. None of that is possible unless we cultivate an environment that is inviting and safe.”

Louisiana State Police will also maintain a permanent presence at the resort staffed by the Gaming Enforcement Division. Camellia Bay’s developers “have an excellent track record of working in tandem with local law enforcement to ensure as many resources as possible go towards maintaining a safe community,” said Stevens. “Camellia Bay’s security cameras and security personnel will be used to assist all policing efforts.”

“It’s a point of pride.” Jonathan Swain, the company’s president added. “We have a long track record of protecting the communities we serve and partnering with law enforcement to help meet that commitment. Our Slidell development will be no different.”

Brent Stevens concluded, “The Host Community Agreement spells out our intentions. We want the same thing as Slidell residents. We wanted to develop here because we love the culture, and we’re going to do our part to maintain that culture.”